Villages and archaeological park tuff city

The B&B Il Sugheretello agritourism is conveniently located in Semproniano, just a few kilometers from the famous Saturnia spas and 30 minute car from 3 of the villages that contributed to making this territory very popular all over the world. These countries of ancient origin are called " the tuff villages " and are part of an even larger area called " Archaeological Park of Tuff " with the great peculiarity to has the so-called " Vie Cave ". These canyons are cut between the steep walls of tuff by the people ancient Etruscans.

The mysterious "Vie Cave" of which still ignores the function (maybe channels to convey water, communication routes, or even ceremonial paths ) lead visitors to discover the many Etruscan necropolis in the area with fascinating nature trails and direct contact with history. Among the many famous and visited points of interest we can mention: the "Tomb of Ildebranda", the "Street of San Sebastiano", the "Tombs in semidado and falsodado", the "Tomb of the winged demons", the "Tomb of the Siren" , The "Cavone" and the "Tomba Pola", just to name a few. 


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